Whether a novice host or a Superhost, it can be easy to oversee the small details that could make or break your guest’s experience. While every guest has unique preferences, there are a few things we’ve found that guests will universally give extra points for. Going the extra mile can make the difference between a 4-star review and a 5-star review. Here’s five of our favorite low effort, budget-friendly hosting tips that have helped our properties remain top-rated:

1. Be a tour guide

Travelers often choose to stay in an Airbnb because they want to experience their destination like locals. From restaurants to bars to family activities, create a list of your personal favorites that you can share with the guest. Did you know that 80% of people say they trust the recommendations of friends and family? While it’s true most of us could just hop on Yelp to find that one overrated spot everyone recommends, it’s much more exciting as an outsider to feel like you have a secret in on a city’s best spots.

Airbnb is an experience-driven platform, so take the opportunity to serve as the expert on your city.

2. Explain everything.

Don’t risk getting a bad review because a tech-unsavvy guest couldn’t figure out how to turn on the TV (seriously, it happens). When setting up your unit, be proactive about addressing any issues a guest may run into so you don’t have to be reactive during their stay. A physical or digital guidebook is a great opportunity to give the rundown on wi-fi access, how to use in-home devices, and any other things guests should be aware of to enjoy their stay.

3. Never skimp on linens

At the end of the day, your Airbnb is a place for your guest to sleep. While we’re proponents of being thrifty when it comes to decor, we recommend setting up your space with nice sheets, an ample amount of comfy pillows, and a few warm blankets to ensure guests wake up on the right side of the bed. Extend this same thought into the bathrooms. No one wants to dry off with a towel that feels like sandpaper. Be generous and supply guests with a stock of fresh towels of varying sizes.

What feels nicer than a freshly made bed?

4. Stock the basic amenities

What type of amenities do you like to have available while traveling? Have you ever forgotten something small that ended up causing a big deal?

While setting up your space, try stepping into the mind of a guest. Provide them with the same amenities you would want at your disposal. If you are hosting an Airbnb, you should be meeting a standard that already includes the necessary basics that matter to all guests. Beyond that, stock all sorts of soap—hand soap, body soap, dish soap. If the unit has a washer and dryer, provide detergent and dryer sheets. Here’s one of our personal tricks: put an air mattress in each of your units just in case your guest ends up having a visitor.

Remember that basic doesn’t have to mean outdated! Consider investing in modern entertainment options like Netflix so guests can enjoy their binge-watching just like they would at home. The $9 a month is totally worth it once you start seeing it translate into higher reviews.

5. Now leave extras

Extra bath towels, extra pillows, extra blankets, extra toilet paper, extra boxes of tissue, extra light bulbs, extra batteries. All of the extras. With backups in place, your guest can focus on enjoying their vacation rather than going on emergency Target runs.

It really doesn't take too much time, money, or effort to go above and beyond basic expectations. Pay a little more attention to what details you can improve and you will be rewarded.

If you ever feel stuck on how to improve the guest experience, go out and be a guest yourself. Staying in other homestays is a great way to pick up new hosting tips you can implement back in your own unit.

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