Some Airbnb hosts are superhosts. They can effortlessly manage operations and communications, keep guests happy as heck, all while maintaining a calm and collected disposition.

Then there’s the hosts that get knee deep into the waters of Airbnb hosting and realize short term rental management isn’t exactly what they pictured it to be. Some people just aren’t cut out for the hosting life, but that doesn’t mean they can’t use a property to get their fair share of the Airbnb revenue pie. When Airbnb burn out surfaces, hiring an effective Airbnb management company can be key to continuing to reap the rewards of listing your property on Airbnb while maintaining profitability and sanity.

Airbnb management companies provide a range of management services to Airbnb hosts, from niche-focused service to all-encompassing full-service property management.

Airbnb management companies are great for hosts that desire for more freedom. Hosting can quickly become a struggle for those that have full-time jobs or weren’t looking to become consumed by the world of Airbnb. When you realize you don’t have the time to manage like you thought you did, you can hire an Airbnb management company to outsource your day-to-day hosting operations, making passive income possible.

Most hosts that hire an Airbnb management company are looking to have everything done, and the best Airbnb management companies will do it all and do it well. Think of all the things you handle from the initial inquiry to the moment a guest checks out. A good property management company will take that all off your plate, so you can sit back and watch the Airbnb income come in. Ideally, your will manager automate your hosting tasks on your behalf so the amount of money you make can be inversely proportional to the amount of time you are spending on managing Airbnbs.

But what does an Airbnb manager actually do?

Airbnb property manager start their work at the beginning of the line.

Listing set-up

  • Listing creation
  • Professional photography
  • Premium amenities
  • Channel, calendar, and booking management
  • Reservation handling
  • Cleaning, stocking, maintenance, and inspection
  • Creating appealing and optimized listings
  • Writing individualized guidebooks for properties and their respective cities

Guest experience and communications

  • 24/7 concierge service
  • Guest accommodation and screening
  • Personal welcome and key exchange
  • Guest communications, customer service, and concierge

Maintenance and operations

  • Cleaning, stocking, maintenance, and inspection
  • Laundry, linen and cleaning services
  • Property maintenance
  • Connections to professional contracted workers
  • Licensed, reliable vendors; best-in-class

Research and improvement

  • Occupancy
  • Control
  • Revenue
  • Visibility
  • Dynamic price optimization
  • Revenue management

How do Airbnb property management companies make money?

Airbnb property management companies typically operate off one of two different compensation models. The first one is the flat rate model, where the owner will receive the same exact payment each month, regardless of how your listing’s monthly revenue fluctuates. The other commonly seen compensation structure in the short term rental management industry is a commission-based model ranging anywhere from 10-50% of the owner’s revenue. You may wonder why some companies commission rates can get so high compared to commission rates for traditional long-term rental managers. Short-term rentals mean more frequent turnovers, so managers are tasked with marketing more often, engage more guests, and handle more inquiries. This takes more time, energy, work, and expertise, so any property manager that is doing the extent of work you want them to accomplish will likely be asking for a little more commission.

What types of Airbnb managers are there?

There are different types of Airbnb management companies that exist for hosts to rely on. If searching for an Airbnb property management company in the US, you’ll come across big players like Vacasa and Turnkey Property Management. If going with one of the largest vacation rental management companies in the country, you’ll get to operate off the confirmation that properties will be properly stocked and key processes will be in place. But some of these perfected top level processes don’t always trickle down to mid-level or lower management. With larger property management companies, your questions and concerns may get lost in the sea of 1000s of inquiries for their other owners. On the other hand, small, local Airbnb management companies will dedicate individualized attention to the performance of your listing and make sure it’s meeting or even exceeding expectations for both guests and you as the owner.

What makes an Airbnb manager great?

The best Airbnb property management companies also will have a lot of industry experience and expertise. They’ve likely been through every scenario in the books with hosting and guests and with that have an extensive knowledge of Airbnb policy and best practices for handling conflict.

On the other side, they also likely have gone through every cleaner and contractor in the cities to find the best ones for keeping up with the frequent turnover of short term rentals. Good Airbnb property management companies have connections to professional contracted works that are often licensed, reliable, best-in-class vendors.

Airbnb property management companies can provide around the clock services. Rather than waiting on your late guests to check-in at 2 a.m., you can sleep easy knowing your property manager will handle it from here.

Where can I find a property manager for my Airbnbs?

There are lots of ways to find an Airbnb management company. You may come across traditional property management company that has expanded there services into short-term rentals. Another tried and true way to find a quality manager is word of mouth Ask fellow hosts or real estate agents for referrals. When it comes down to it, good ole' Google is always there to help you in your search too.

Can you manage my Airbnbs?

We thought you'd never ask. If you are a host in Charlotte looking to elimate your hosting hassles but keep the cash, click here to connect with our team and learn more about Rabbu's full-service management.